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Get marketing tips, how-to's, and more!

Follow our news and updates

Get marketing tips, how-to's, and more!

Follow our news and updates

Get marketing tips, how-to's, and more!

Google August 2023 Core Update Launched

Cullen Andrew
Aug 26, 2023 12:54:43 AM

Google has just unveiled the August 2023 core update. According to the company, they will update their ranking release history page as soon as the rollout of the update is finished.

Google frequently rolls out core updates to ensure users always receive the most relevant and trustworthy search results. Although these updates are not intended to specifically target individual sites or pages, they can lead to increased visibility for previously lower-ranked pages. Conversely, pages that were once rewarded may experience a decline in rankings.

Google Core Updates: Impact & Recovery

A core update can have different effects on a website's search performance - positive, negative, or no impact at all. Google emphasizes that a decline in performance after a core update does not necessarily mean there is an issue with your website.

A drop in rankings may be a result of adjustments made by the core update, rather than any issues with your content or site structure. Instead of searching for technical fixes, Google advises focusing on improving website quality.

Tips For Recovering Ranking

For enhanced search performance following a core update, Google suggests the following strategies:

  • Look closely at pages that aren’t performing well.
  • Check what search terms led people to those pages.
  • Compare your content to the questions Google provides on its help page.

Use this to identify areas where your content lacks in addressing people's queries. Use the insights to prioritize enhancing your content to match what searchers are seeking. Google advises that improvements do not guarantee recovery, and no page possesses a fixed or guaranteed position in Google's search results.

Timeframe Of Recovery

Recovering lost rankings after a core update usually takes months, but if improvements are warranted, pages can regain their position. Google continuously adjusts its algorithms and may roll out minor updates alongside broader core updates, which can have a positive impact on pages that have made changes.

Looking Forward

As the effects of Google's August 2023 core algorithm update continue to unfold, it is important for businesses and SEO professionals to maintain patience, prioritize enhancing website quality, and steer clear of quick "solutions".

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