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Get marketing tips, how-to's, and more!

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Get marketing tips, how-to's, and more!

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Get marketing tips, how-to's, and more!

Meta Announces New AI-Powered Tools For Ads

Cullen Andrew
May 18, 2023 11:57:56 AM

Meta has announced AI-based tools that can improve business performance by streamlining advertising campaigns. This development provides a window into the future of advertising.

Meta has introduced AI-powered tools to enhance business performance and simplify ad processes in its latest move to redefine digital advertising with artificial intelligence (AI).

Meta's latest innovations, which range from upgrading features in the Meta Advantage suite to the development of the AI Sandbox, are expected to bring about a new era in online advertising. These innovations offer a glimpse into the future of marketing using generative AI.

Meta’s New AI Sandbox

The initial part of the announcement discussed the AI Sandbox, which is a testing area for advertising tools driven by AI.

  • Text Variation automatically creates multiple versions of an advertiser’s copy, helping advertisers test messages tailored to different audiences.
  • Background Generation allows advertisers to create background images for creative assets from text inputs.
  • Image Outcropping adjusts creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across multiple platforms like Stories or Reels, saving advertisers time when repurposing ad creatives.

The Meta Advantage Suite

Meta showcased some new features for its Meta Advantage suite, which is a collection of automated tools that use AI and machine learning to improve advertising campaigns. These tools make it easier to personalize ads and obtain better results, which can potentially help advertisers save money and time.

Last year, the platform brought together multiple automated products and has since experienced substantial growth in usage.

The latest update brings several new features to Meta Advantage:

  • Businesses can convert existing manual campaigns to Advantage+ shopping campaigns with a single click. This feature, available in the Ads Manager, is expected to roll out across the platform within a month.
  • Advertisers can enrich their catalog ads with video content, a departure from the previous restriction to static images. This feature is being tested and is expected to launch later this year.
  • Performance Comparison reports allow advertisers to measure and compare the performance of their manual and Advantage+ shopping campaigns. This feature is already in the process of being rolled out.
  • Enhanced audience targeting with Advantage+ Audience allows advertisers to provide audience preferences as guidance instead of rigid constraints, opening the door to a broader ad audience. This tool is expected to be more widely available in the coming months.

Facebook Is Investmenting Heavily In AI Infrastructure

Meta has emphasized its investment in AI infrastructure, allocating billions of dollars each year towards building AI capacity for advertisers. This investment can help new AI-powered tools to reach their full potential, benefitting both businesses and users.

AI Is Continuing To Transform Digital Advertising

Meta is committed to using AI to enhance ad performance and user experience. This can help keep businesses stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing digital advertising world.

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