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Get marketing tips, how-to's, and more!

A Guide To Online Lead Generation

Cullen Andrew
Sep 8, 2020 12:07:42 PM


How To Optimize Your Website And Transform It Into A Lead Generation Machine

So, you have a website and it’s…..just sitting there. If it’s not generating your business leads, you have a huge problem. Your website should be generating leads on a regular basis, if it’s not, it’s time to reevaluate your strategy. Start by asking yourself how you currently generate leads, what types of offers do you provide to encourage prospects to convert to customers, and what types of promotions you offer. We’re going to touch on a few of the most important ways you can start generating more leads and converting more customers.

Section 1: How To Start Generating More Leads Online

There are many things you can implement on your website when it comes to lead generation. The best way to convert prospects into customers is to offer valuable content and information that helps them along the buyers journey. When people are considering making a purchase they begin by conducting research to help them make the best decision, this is why you need to go the extra step online and provide valuable offers and useful content to convert them into a customer.

Create Content Offers To Generate Leads

Take a minute to review your current website, do you offer any promotions or digital brochure? This content should be gated, which means it is behind a form that prospective customers must complete before accessing. This allows you to capture a visitor’s information for following up while at the same time providing them with what they are looking for at that moment. The key is to identify what information you collect based on the content you are providing. If a customer is early in their buyer’s journey they may not be ready to be contacted by a sales rep, it’s best to collect something as simple as an email address and their name. On the other hand, if they are further along and researching pricing this is a great opportunity to collect more information such as a phone number.

Decide Between A Landing Page Or Pillar Page

It’s important to be practical and think about your customer’s perspective when deciding whether to place your offer/content behind a landing page or to simply provide it on its own page easily accessible to everyone. When you implement a landing page the goal is to collect the user’s information for sales to follow up on the lead. Using a pillar page, or a new page dedicated to specific content, allows you to reach a broader audience and increase traffic to your website. Deciding on whether to you a landing page or pillar page simply depends on your strategy and the content you are providing.

What Is A Landing Page

A landing page offers a way to gate content behind a form that collects a visitor’s information. You’ve likely clicked on a Facebook ad before that sent you to a dedicated page with relavent information and a form that asks for things such as your name, phone number, and email address in exchange for more details you’d like to have.

What Is A Pillar Page?

Just like landing pages, pillar pages offer great content but they are not gated and include more immersive content such as links to other pages throughout your website. A great example of a pillar page would be in-depth information users are looking for and includes a downloadable pdf of what they just read for them to keep for later reference.

Options Other Than Offers

Contact Forms

Get into the mindset of your customers, when they are just starting to research services they are looking for it’s not likely that they will complete a contact form on the first website they visit. Most users see forms as a commitment, that commitment isn’t typically made at the beginning of the buyers journey. Think of your contact form as a source of leads that are ready to buy, get back to them as soon as possible, and convert them into a paying customer.

Newsletter Subscriptions

A great way to engage with users and keep them interested in your business is to provide a newsletter. Create a strategy that narrows down what content you will be sending them, keep it simple, and don’t overwhelm them with emails. Each newsletter should provide relevant information along with a call to action.

Section 2: Focus On Optimizing For Conversions


Main Ways To Optimize For Conversions


Utilizing pop-up’s that collect user information can really boost conversions. Stay away from annoying pop-up’s that get in the way of the user experience on your website, simple pop-up’s in the corner of the page can be a great addition.

Call’s To Action

Make it easier for visitors to engage with your content and get the information they are looking for by including buttons throughout your website.

Landing Pages

Landing pages, as we covered above, are great sources for gaining conversions. Create a dedicated page that provides an enticing offer to get users interested and ask a visitor for their contact information in exchange.


Section 3: Other Opportunities To Generate Leads Online


Conversational Lead Generation (Instant Chat Feature)

Customers enjoy being able to ask questions in real-time and engage with businesses to get the answers they need to make a decision. By integrating an instant chat feature on your website you’ll be able to directly interact with visitors and convert them into customers.

Google Ads

A great way to get in front of customers looking for your services is through Google Ads. Generate better leads by setting a budget, creating relevant ads, and outbidding your competition all on Google’s ad platform.

Guide To Online Lead Gen

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